Your Manager Doesn’t Have Time

a woman sitting in front of a laptop

One of the casualties of a short-staffed workforce is employee development.

As a former corporate coach, and as someone whose strength is coaching and developing employees in their career, I see this as a terrible disservice.

However, it’s completely understandable.

With the thin workforce and increase in responsibilities, managers are on the front line with their staff, and they are just as burnt out as their team.

This keeps managers from being in a mental position to focus on staff development.

They’re mainly focusing on staff retention, training new employees, and picking up the slack due to the gaps in staffing.

So how do you – as an employee – ensure you’re being developed?

Sure, you can wait it out and hope help will come.

But it’s not coming – not anytime soon.

And precious time is ticking.

Those next level positions will open up very soon – you want to be ready and qualified.

If you’re ready to take the lead in your professional development, come talk to me.

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