Why We Yell at Our Kids

cute little black girl in halloween costume standing in studio with broom and screaming

Why do we yell at our kids?

The simple answer is: It works.

But that’s not who we want to be as moms. We don’t want to yell at them. We want them to cooperate. We also want to demonstrate the same behavior we expect (and yelling is a no-no).

I’m not going to go into the impact yelling has on our kids – I coach moms, not kids.

The real damage to us (as moms) comes in the form of the shame we feel after we yell at them.

Because shame makes us hide, rather than bring our motivation for yelling to the light to explore it.

And when we hide, we don’t develop into a better version of ourselves.

I’d like to offer you an alternative to yelling at your kids.

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See you there.

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