Why We Spend

crop man getting dollars from wallet

We spend.

Then we feel shame and regret.

Not because of the spending of the money.

Not even because of the thing we exchanged for the money.

We feel shame and regret because the reason we spent the money isn’t aligned with our priorities.

I’ve never felt bad about paying for my son’s braces, donating to my church, going to an expensive night out with friends, or paying for an appointment with my homeopath nutritionist.

Because, those things are in alignment with my life priorities.

But that iPhone Pro Max? I feel bad about that purchase.

I feel bad about it because I know why I bought it – and my reason isn’t in alignment with my life priorities.

What are your life priorities?

What is the last thing you purchased that you’re feeling bad about?

Ask yourself why that is?

The answer will help you understand why you spend, and give you valuable awareness that will help you spend responsibly going forward.

Come talk to me – money is one of my favorite things to talk about, and I can help you love it, too….

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