Why Does It Have to Make Sense?

woman sitting on brown wooden chair beside coconut

When bad things happen, we want it try to make sense of it.

We want to know why.

We speculate.

We spin in confusion.

We spend so much time thinking about it.

I’d like to challenge you with this question: Why do you think it has to make sense?

What if it doesn’t make sense, and that’s ok.

What if you just allow it to be as it is, and decide where you want to fit into it.

Allowing what is settles our brain down, it tells our brain: It’s ok, brain, you don’t have to solve for this, as there’s nothing here to solve.

When our brain is settled and not trying to solve the problem, it has capacity to get to work on things that serve us: Our goals, our wellness, our safety, our vision.

Try it, let me know what comes up.

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