When You’re Not Feeling Well

woman lying on bed while blowing her nose

Most of us have gone through some period of not feeling well this past few months.

Maybe you had a virus.

Maybe you reacted to a vaccine.

Maybe you had a surgery.

We tend to do the exact opposite of what we know we should.

We know we should rest. If our best friend felt like this, we’d tell them to rest. If our kids felt like this, we’d tell them to rest.

But us?


No rest for the single mom.

I’m here to give you permission.

To rest.

Do less.

That pile of laundry? It can wait. Clean enough to keep you and the kids in clean clothes for a few days while you recover.

The meals? DoorDash, order out, or ask a friend for help.

The dishes? Paper plates and plastic wear. Sorry environment, it’s just a few days.

Shift into low gear with intention.

Ask for help and accept it.


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