When He Doesn’t Text Back

Nothing brings up all our garbage thoughts like dating.

Our self-doubt tells us we might be doing it wrong.

Our self-worth flounders a smidge. Or a lot.

So, when you go out with him, and he doesn’t text you back afterwards, your brain is going try to make sense of it.

Your brain may say:

  • There’s something wrong with me.
  • I must have done something wrong.
  • I must have said something wrong.
  • I’m not enough.
  • He’s a jerk.

But none of those things are true.

The only truth is this: You have a cell phone. He hasn’t sent a text message to your number.

The “why” is none of your business.

And if you really must have a “why” to calm your brain down, here it is:

He doesn’t want to text you.

That is reason enough.

If you want to text someone, you text them, right?

Same thing.

If you’re feeling upset because he hasn’t responded to you, get on a call with me. I know how to help.

See you there.

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