When Feedback Stings a Little

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As a coach, I get feedback from a mentor weekly on my skills.

90% of the time, I completely agree with them.

5% of the time, I don’t agree with them, and that’s totally ok.

But 5% of the time, I don’t agree with them…but it stings. Just a little.

When it stings, I know it’s time to listen up.

I’ve found that the stinging feeling I get in my chest (the one that makes me want to hide or comfort eat) is an alert system in me that says “Pay attention. There’s truth here.”

Now, in that exact moment, I may still hide or comfort eat.

I may even react like a toddler (with my inside voice).

But after a few hours, I reflect back. I allow myself to feel the sting. And I allow myself to be humbled enough to give the feedback genuine thought.

Growth isn’t fun. Not the actual growing part. Afterwards – yes, totally. But during the growth…it hurts and it’s uncomfortable.

But I want to grow.

So I’m willing to allow the sting, benefit from the feedback, say “thank you” to my mentor, and keep going.

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