What’s Possible

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I used to think without a degree, my income potential was limited.

So I earned my Bachelor’s. Then my Master’s.

And you know what?

My income level didn’t change.

It didn’t open any doors.

In fact, at one point, I was passed up for promotion by someone who didn’t even have the degree required in the job description.

Do I regret earning my degrees?

Not even a little.

But I didn’t need to earn them to increase my earning potential.

My earning potential was already (and always has been) limitless.

The limiting factor was my thoughts about my earning potential.

I believed things outside of me had to change in order for my earning potential to change.

I needed a degree. I needed the right job to become available. I needed more work experience.

But that simply was not true.

All I needed to do was decide to earn whatever I wanted to earn.

When I started living from the belief that my earning potential was mine to decide, everything changed.

Opportunities to earn money opened up in ways I didn’t expect.

They were always there.

I just wasn’t seeing them until I changed my mind about my earning potential.

The answer to all things is always, always inside you.

P.S. If you’re ready to unpack the limiting thoughts you’ve been holding onto, let’s talk.

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