What if I’m Wrong?


Ever been in a situation where you are positive you’re in the right, and the other person feels the same about their position?

We have three choices here.

Most of us choose one of the first two:

  • Dig in and stand firm, or
  • Agree to disagree and move on

But there’s a third choice we don’t explore often.

This powerful option is the secret to stretching your brain.

The third choice is this: Ask ourself, “How might I be wrong?”

When we ask this question, we allow our brains to expand to new possibilities.

It doesn’t mean we are wrong. It doesn’t they are right.

It simply offers our brains the idea that there may be room for another perspective.

What are you in conflict about? A new direction at work? A government directive? A decision your mom made?

Now ask yourself, “How might I be wrong?”

See what comes up.

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