Weapon Against Overwhelm

woman sitting in front of macbook

I’ve got a secret weapon that I use when I feel overwhelmed.

When I have more commitments than I do time. When my sons tell me they need a special item for school on Monday- and it’s 7:45am…on Monday. When my dishwasher starts backing up. When the kids’ dad needs to switch weekends. When I’ve over-promised at work.

I get out piece of notepaper, and I start writing.

I take it out of my brain, and put it on paper.

I write until the page is full.

I don’t censor and I don’t judge. Thank goodness, that’s a rule – sometimes I write some thoughts I’m not proud of. But they’re there cluttering my brain and I want to give them a voice.

After I write, I skim the page for anything important that can be solved in that moment.

Typically, when I evaluate the page, there’s nothing important there. Just thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving me.

I take a breath.

And I’ve conquered overwhelm.

In coaching, we call this a Thought Download, and it’s a powerful tool I use to help my clients.

If you’re experiencing overwhelm, and you want relief, schedule a mini-session with me.

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