Time and Your Brain

positive young african american lady holding light bulb in hand on gray background

Brains are awesome. I just love brains.

My favorite part of the brain?

Prefrontal cortex.

Our prefrontal cortex is the highest thinking part of our brain.

It allows us to practice discipline.

It allows us to think about our own thinking.

It allows us to make decisions ahead of time.

And that is the true magic of the Do More With Less Time program.

This program sets us up to use our prefrontal cortex – the highest part of our brain – when planning our week.

When we use our highest brain to plan our week, we are deliberately planning our life and a way that is intentional and fully conscious of the results we desire.

We touch on this in the Do More With Less Time Quick Start course (12-minute, free course).

Come check it out and get more time in your day in a way that you’ve never tried in the past.

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