Them in Relation to You

close up photo of two person s holding hands

Let’s talk relationships – with yourself, with family, with your kids.

We think our relationship with another person has something to do with them.

But I know a secret.

All you have to do is look at the word “relationship” and you will know the secret, too.

A relationship is not some invisible force that magically happens between two people.

It’s the thought you have of them in relation to you.

That is all.

You can have a relationship with someone you don’t even know.

You can have a beautiful, loving relationship with someone who is angry with you or even hates you.

And you get to reap the benefits of feeling whatever you want to feel about them.

If you’re ready to talk, I’d love to help you dive into this topic during a free mini session.

Simply having a greater awareness of this concept will change your entire life.


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