The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

young grain

I was looking at my grass this morning. It’s half brown, but there’s a little green left.

My thoughts immediately went to: Maybe I should buy sod and hire a landscaper. Put a new lawn over the half dead lawn.

It’s better to cover my dead grass, than work on figuring out what was going on that caused the demise of the lawn.

Or is it?

I could put more sod over it, and I’d be right back where I am next year – with dead grass.

Or I could do the work to identify what was keeping my lawn from being green.

The truth is, when I filled in the dead spots last spring, I didn’t put down new soil so the seeds could root. And I didn’t water the lawn regularly over the summer (and we had a hot one here in California).

It takes more effort to address the cause of the dead grass – there’s both the financial investment of buying quality soil, and the time investment of putting the soil down, then planting the seeds in a way that they will produce a thick, rich, green lawn.

Do I skip over the root of the problem and cover it with more of the same – only to have to face the problem again next year? Or do I dig in and do the work it will take to prep the foundation and put in strong roots?

This is the choice we have.

Do we just keep piling more crap onto the lawn to cover up the dead grass, or do we nurture the soil, water it regularly, and allow it to thrive?

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