The Final Final Drink

happy multiethnic girlfriends clinking bottles of beer

How often do you order the “final final?”

That’s when you say you’re only having one more drink (a final), and then you have one more (final final).

Your body doesn’t want it.

Your intellectual brain doesn’t want it.

But, you order the final final, anyway.

You’re not weak.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you desire that additional drink, after you meant to stop for the night.

You’ve learned to desire alcohol over time – that’s all. It doesn’t mean anything about you.

Other than….you have a normal brain that has learned that drinking equals feeling good.

And this is really, really good news.

Because you can unlearn what you’ve learned.

You can do it alone, or you can cut out the guesswork and join me for Stop Overdrinking – a program for successful, functioning women who want to drink “a little less.”

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Disclaimer: By signing up for this program, I’m attesting that I’m a functioning, healthy person who is not clinically addicted or considered an alcoholic. I understand this program is not a substitute for medical care.

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