Stop Overdrinking – Five Day Program

people drinking liquor and talking on dining table close up photo

Did you drink a “little more” than you would have liked this weekend? Or maybe on a Tuesday? Or every day?

Are you a fully functioning, successful woman?

You’re not a bad person. It’s not because you don’t have control.

In fact, if you’re overdrinking, your body is working exactly the way it should. More on that later.

Whether you want to take a break from drinking entirely, or you want to learn to stop at 1-2 glasses with full confidence, this five day program is for you.


  • Be with friends who are drinking, and not drink (without feeling deprived)
  • Stop at 1-2 glasses (without willpower)

Other benefits

  • Wake up feeling great (without being embarrassed about last night)
  • Lose or maintain weight
  • Save money

How We’ll Get There

  • Five private, 1:1 coaching sessions over Zoom
    • One 1-hour sessions
    • Four 30-minute sessions
  • Online resources


  • $297
  • That’s two glasses of mid-range price wine per day.

By signing up for this program, I’m attesting that I’m a functioning, healthy person who is not clinically addicted or considered an alcoholic. I understand this program is not a substitute for medical care.