Running Out of Time

brown wooden framed hour glass

When talking to my clients, they often tell me they’re running out of time. That they’re in a hurry to get <whatever it is> because it’s going to be too late or that “thing” they want may not be there by the time they get to it.

This is just a thought. It’s a thought that comes from the feeling of scarcity.

When dating, they’re afraid the “good ones” will be taken (and they end up settling and over-compromising with someone who isn’t a match for them).

In their career, they stay in a job that drains them and their talents are not used. Because they think they’re too old to find a career that will fulfill them.


Scarcity tells them there is not enough for everyone, and they need to hurry up and get theirs, or they will settle for what they have.

And it’s tragic – because scarcity isn’t real. It’s just a feeling. And it comes from a thought.

I can help you get out of scarcity.

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