Resolution vs. Word

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(Special thanks to Matt Lingo, whose message in church inspired this post).

Instead of making a New Years Resolution this year, I’ve resolved to living into one word.

My word for 2022 is: Manifest.

Now, I get it, “manifest” has several meanings and can seem “woo woo”; don’t get caught up in semantics here, just read on.

“Manifest” – to me – means to believe in order to make clear – or to believe in order to real-ize (to make it real).

This year, I will be manifesting – creating elements of my life – on purpose.

I will manifest my Lord and Savior in all the areas of my life, instead of remembering Him for an hour on Sunday, or bringing Him up when I’m in distress.

I will manifest love into my relationships, no matter what state they may seem to be in.

I will manifest leadership into my family, and I will lead my sons in thought, word, and deed.

I will manifest growth in my business.

I will take responsibility for my part in my life, while believing hard that God will take care of it all.

What’s your word of 2022?

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