Resistant Exhaustion

woman sleeping on her bed

Have you ever noticed that, when you’re around certain people, you feel…

…absolutely exhausted?

I used to think it was because of the people I was around.

I called them “energy vampires.”

Now I know the truth.

“They” aren’t the ones sucking the energy out of me.

It’s me.

And my normal human brain.

I’m resisting the situation (or the conversation, or even my thoughts about that person).

And when I’m resisting, it takes an incredible amount of energy from me.

The solution is to recognize the feeling of resistance as it comes up, and then to allow it without fighting it.

While allowing the resistance, get curious.

What am I out of alignment with in this situation?

Why might I feel resistance?

What might I be resisting?

How can I find value in this information?

P.S. I’m a life coach. If you’re finding yourself exhausted at the end of your day, I want to help you. Schedule your free, no pressure call with me. Let’s talk.

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