Relationship Choice

black and white photo of holding hands

I have a relationship with Maya Angelou. I’ve never met her, but I love her deeply. I think about her often – with appreciation and gratitude for sharing her beautiful mind with me when I need inspiration and strength.

I have a close friend who means the world to me. I haven’t seen him for four years, and we connect briefly over text 1-2 times a year, even though we only live a 30 minute drive apart. He’s one of the best friends I’ve ever known. I have a meaningful relationship with him.

I have a family member who hasn’t spoken to me in two years for reasons I don’t understand. I love him for all he is – as a father and brother and husband. I have nothing but loving and compassionate thoughts for him. I choose to have an amazing relationship with him.

It is entirely possible to have any kind of relationship you want. With anyone you want. It doesn’t take their participation.

It only takes you. And your thoughts. And your feelings.

And that is such good news.

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