Quitting to Prove You Can Quit

Have you ever stopped drinking for a time period, just to prove to yourself you can stop?

I have.

And I totally made my goal every time.

But the experience taught me nothing other than quitting drinking is hard.

Because I did it the hard way.

I used willpower.

And willpower takes energy – lots of energy.

Because you’re arguing with yourself – with your own desire. Like those sci-fi movies when the powerful character fights himself. There’s a lot of fighting, and no one wins.

Each time, in the end, I still had no idea why I drank, or how to decrease my desire for alcohol.

And I was back to over-drinking two weeks later.

The real home-run would be to be around alcohol without desiring it, not to avoid and resist it.

I don’t smoke cigarettes, and if people were smoking around me, I wouldn’t have the least bit of desire for a cigarette.

That’s where most of us want to be with alcohol – we can take it or leave it – but the desire isn’t there.

I learned how to un-learn my learned desire for alcohol, and learned how to be around alcohol without drinking and without feeling deprived.

You can totally do this yourself, or you can get there so much faster by coming with me.

I’ve created an insanely affordable Stop Overdrinking for Women program that will show you how to decrease desire for alcohol and increase your feeling of being in control of your drinking.

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Disclaimer: Stop Overdrinking for Women is for functioning, successful women; not for the clinically addicted or alcoholics.

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