crop girl tying shoelaces on playground

Ever feel like you’re doing everything you can, but the results still don’t seem to come?

It’s times like those you may start veering off path, or even give up.

But what if you knew that results were right around the corner?

What if it took 100 dates to find your love? Would you be willing to go on the other 99 to get there?

What if it meant one more year in this job, and the next one will open up? Would you be willing to show up every day?

What if it takes four weeks to see weight loss results? Would you follow your protocol for 3.9 weeks without wavering?

It’s so much easier to persist when we see results. The true challenge comes in when we don’t see the results, and we show up and do the work anyway. Consistently. Every day.

Keep showing up. Keep doing the work. Keep being all in.

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