Passive vs. Massive Action

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Not all actions get results.

The passive actions – researching, thinking about it, brainstorming, polling friends – that kind of action doesn’t get results.

It wastes time and gives us a great excuse for staying safe, procrastinating and not taking massive action.

Massive actions get results.

You know you’re in massive action when you have to hold your breath before you hit “send.”

When you feel a little queasy.

When it’s a little scary.

When you are willing to feel the discomfort and push through it anyway.

What massive action have you taken toward your goal this week?

Have you created something new and put it out into the world? Made 100 offers to people who may say “no?” Upsold a new product to a client? Started a new program?

Or have your actions this week simply supported your status quo?

If you’re not taking massive action, you can’t expect massive results.

I help clients take massive action – and get the results they seek.

Take massive action now and schedule a consult call.

See you there.

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