Not Feeling Supported – Dry January

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We stopped drinking during the month of January, for whatever reason – the challenge of it, to prove to ourselves we can, to lose weight, to sleep better. 

But not everyone in our life is participating in the challenge. 

My clients have come to me over and over with the complaint: They aren’t supporting me.

“They” – be it a partner, spouse, friend, family member – are still drinking and haven’t chosen to make the same commitment to Dry January. 

That’s literally it. 

They’re adults who made a choice for themselves. They are totally allowed to do that. 

And you know what else they are allowed to do? 

They are allowed to drink in your presence. 

And you are allowed to abstain. 

It means absolutely nothing about your relationship that they choose to drink. 

Just like it means absolutely nothing about your relationship that you choose not to. 

Ask yourself this question: Why do I need them to change? 

Keep asking yourself “And why is that?” At least three more times when you answer yourself. 

Why do I need them to stop drinking? Because I want them to support me.

Why do I need them to support me? Because I’m not sure I can do it without their support. 

Why don’t I think I have, within me, everything I need to accomplish this? Because I don’t believe in my own ability to support myself. 

What can I do to support myself?

Ready to see how a certified coach can help you with questions that will access your inner ability to have your own back? Come talk to me. 

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