New Perspective in 20 Minutes

clear glass window with brown and white wooden frame

What if you could invest 20 minutes of your time and come out with a perspective you haven’t considered?

New perspectives are so good for our brains and our development.

They stretch our thinking.

They loosen old thoughts that aren’t serving us (that we didn’t even realize were optional).

They free us from restraints that we can’t see are holding us back.

All you need is another person – preferably a coach who can hold a neutral space for you and show you where you’re in your own way – and 20 minutes.

See, we think we can do it on our own. But the thing is – when it comes to perspective – we can’t get there without another person. It’s like cleaning your floor with a dirty mop. You can’t get a new perspective on your situation from the brain that created that situation for you.

Come talk to me for 20 minutes, and let’s find a new path to your goals you aren’t seeing.

See you there.

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