Negotiating With Our Brains and Drinking

man holding forward a glass of iced pinkish colored cocktail with a straw

Our brains are the best saleswomen.

We tell them, “We’re not going to drink during the week.”

Monday goes relatively well.

But then it’s Tuesday. And it’s 4:45pm.

And there’s a bottle of chardonnay in the kitchen, catching your eye while you make the kids’ dinners.

Our brain says, “Just one glass. While I cook.”

And then after dinner is made, “Just one more small glass. To have with dinner.”

And then, “Well, may as well have another while we watch TV.”

One bottle later…

You may not understand why you drink (especially when you said you wouldn’t). You may even feel concerned that you can’t control the desire to drink.

It seems involuntary. But it’s really not. There’s a conflict going on inside your head.

Here’s what happens.

Our lower brain has a desire to drink (I call this part of my brain my “toddler brain”). Our higher brain (I call this my adult brain) has a desire to not drink, or to drink in moderation.

Toddlers are louder and more impulsive than adults (usually). And so your toddler brain’s desire for alcohol is stronger than your adult brain’s desire for moderation.

When my boys were toddlers and they’d have a melt down, I’d feel out of control of the situation. The same feeling can come up here – when your toddler and adult brains are fighting for dominance.

This “may” present as if your desire for alcohol is involuntary, when in reality, your desire for alcohol is 100% in your control.

You just need to re-empower your adult brain.

It’s possible to do on your own, but if you want to cut to the chase, join me for Stop Overdrinking. It’s minimal time spent and practically a steal. What do you have to lose?

Disclaimer: By signing up for this program, I’m attesting that I’m a functioning, healthy person who is not clinically addicted or considered an alcoholic. I understand this program is not a substitute for medical care.

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