My Selfish Reasons

I have a secret.

When I do nice things, I don’t do them for the other person.

I do them for myself.

Because I know how it makes me feel when I do something nice for someone else.

Like, last week, when I was buying a nitro cold brew (Temple Coffee, in case you were wondering).

I bought the person’s coffee who was in line behind me.

Not because of how I wanted her to feel.

But because of how I knew it would make me feel.

Selfish? Some may think so. That’s none of my business.

See, I know I can’t make someone else feel anything.

I have zero control over the thoughts that create their feelings.

But, I do have control over my feelings.

And I happen to know that buying a stranger a coffee makes me feel good.

In fact, when I’m having “one of those days,” that’s exactly what I do.

Get to work on trying to find someone I can do something nice for.

Want to do something nice for yourself?

Schedule a call with me. Let’s see what’s possible, together.

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