Mom Guilt

upset woman looking in mirror

I’m convinced that – upon getting pregnant – moms are injected with a dose of guilt at a level they never experienced prior to motherhood.

Don’t ask me how it works.

But we all have it.

When guilt visits, we tend to push it away with thoughts of how many things we’ve done well, we’ve done right, for our kids.

And we all do it – we all run through a list of actions we did to be a “good mom” to try to disprove the guilt.

But I’d like to offer you another way to approach guilt, when it visits.

Allow it.

Welcome it in without using justifying thoughts to push it away.

See, the guilt can’t hurt you. But, thoughts can.

Because here’s the thing. There is no thought in the world so iron clad that the guilt will leave forever.

There will always be a voice in your head telling you that action wasn’t “enough.”

And you’re back at guilt.

When it comes down to it, “enough” is the key.

Guilt is coming up because we think we are not enough in that moment.

The way to answer that is this.

Honesty and awareness.

Here is your new thought (hope it helps).

I’m a mom. I love my kids as hard as I know how to love them. Half the time, I kill it. Half the time, I’m a hot mess. And that’s ok. I’m enough for them. And I’m enough for me.

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