Manage This Before You Manage Others

man and woman sitting on chair in front of desk

It doesn’t matter what industry or position you hold, if you manage other human beings, this one’s for you.

Managing others is a responsibility I take seriously. Employees depend on me to keep them safe (physically and emotionally), to treat them fairly. and to have their back.

I’d like to challenge my manager moms out there.

When you are managing others, it’s critical that you manage your brain first.

When you are about to have a tough conversation, check your intention. Ask yourself: What do I think about this employee? How do I feel about having to have this conversation?

If you’re not in a neutral space, invest in 15 minutes of self-coaching work to get you there.

I promise you, it will make all the difference in how your message is received.

And bonus, you’ll gift yourself a feeling of peace and confidence, rather than annoyance, resentment, or conflict.

If you’re ready to learn self-coaching tools that will help you show up confident and calm in every situation, come talk to me.

See you there.

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