Losing Weight is a Mind Game

blue tape measuring on clear glass square weighing scale

Ever try to hate yourself thin? I sure have. So many times.

It looks like this: I see myself in a picture, and think, “I’m so fat. Ugh.” And I get to work making plans to eat better….starting Monday. I work out, calorie count, carb count, intermittent fast….and it works. But it’s a struggle. Because the entire time I’m ashamed of my body.

And then….I gain it all back.

Here’s why.

I’m trying to love my body from a place of shame.

You can’t make a positive change from a negative place. You make positive change from a positive place.

Start losing weight with your mind. Think loving thoughts about your body. Tell it you will be kinder to it by taking better care of it.

I promise you. If you start from a place of love and acceptance, you will see the weight come off.

And the process will be faster, and more enjoyable, than you’ve ever experienced.

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