Hard Things and Consequences

“You know a woman’s character by the hard choices she makes.” – Angie Burel

Hard things are hard to do.

They have consequences.

And collateral damage.

Living into your truth is not easy. It’s hard.

We rarely see it in other people’s choices.

And that’s why it can be jarring when we see someone do it.

Standing up for someone who is vulnerable.

Respecting your physical, spiritual and emotional boundaries.

Saying “no” when you’re expected to say “yes.”

Honesty. Even if they get mad at you.

Courage. Even if they get mad at you.

Faith. Even if they get mad at you.

Resolve. Even if they get mad at you.

The consequences of doing hard things hurt.

But they don’t kill you.

And, from the eternal perspective, they are always, always worth it.

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