Life Coaching and Divine Connection

a couple holding each other s hands

Being coached has created a deeper connection within me to my Source – to God.

When I’m coached, I’m able to see the darker corners of my brain. Where shame likes to grow.

When there’s shame, there’s a “hiding” that happens. I hide from God. I don’t want Him to see that part of me.

When I hide from God, I’m not fully opening up to a relationship with Him. I also miss out on seeing the blessings He is giving me. Because I think I don’t deserve them.

But when I’m coached, my coach guides me to those dark corners. She creates a safe, non-judgmental space for me to shine a light on them and empowers me to decide how I want to feel about them.

The dark corners may still be there (human, after all).

But they no longer have the power to make me feel shame. And I stop hiding from God.

And I’m able to shine the Divine fire He put in me to warm the world.

If you need a safe space to explore your mind and heart, schedule a free mini-session with me.

I’m here for you.

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