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No one – not ever – has asked me what I want my legacy to be.

I’m beginning to think we’ve lost that need – to have a legacy.

Legacy is about the impact a person had on other people.

Looking back on my years on this earth, here are the legacies I’ve contributed:

20s: Kept Hoppy Brewing open by drinking at their bar nightly. Got married and divorced.

30s: Won a couple rowing regattas (go RCRC!). Got married and divorced again – with children, this time. Blew up a few people’s lives, including my own. Switched careers – twice.

40s: Realized I have no legacy – nothing that I’m leaving behind that will impact others’ lives positively. Became a life coach. Created a business helping hundreds of people to leave their past self behind and become the version of themself they’ve been wanting to be.

What is your legacy?

What will you leave behind that will positively impact others?

P.S. I’m a life coach, and I can help you. Schedule a call now – free and no pressure.

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