Leading Others With Love

The most profound and truest concept of leadership I’ve found to be able to stand the test of time and apply across industries is this.

Love those you lead, and you will succeed 100% of the time.

You see, to love, we naturally do these things with our teams:

  • We meet them where they are, and help them grow from there.
  • We recognize their personal human experience in this world.
  • We hear them with our heart, as well as our mind.
  • We make choices with their best interest in mind – even if those choices lead to their leaving our team.
  • We honor the contribution that their mind and spirit brings to the team
  • We see God in them

When I lead with love, I bring the best of me to the table – and I give space to allow them to bring the best of them to the table.

Lead with love – see what happens.

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