Joshua 1:9 and Our Scary World

I have a canvas on my wall that reads: “Never feel sorry for raising dragon slayers in a world where there are actual dragons.”

No idea who said that.

But I love it.

It seems like a scary world out there.

I wonder what my sons’ lives will be like.

Will they have the same freedom and protection that I had?

Will they have the means to live comfortably?

Will they live in fear and oppression?

When I allow myself to indulge in worry and fear (and it is self-indulgent), one powerful scripture comes up.

Joshua 1:9.

Be strong and courageous.

He didn’t tell us to be fearful and anxious.

Or to create problems that we’re not actually facing.

He didn’t even tell us to relax and not worry.

He said be strong and courageous.

Strength and courage are active states of being that take intention and focus.

Being strong and courageous requires us to be realistic about the current situation, while having faith that we will know exactly what to do when the time comes.

If you’re struggling with fear and anxiety – like many are due to the last two years – schedule a call with me.

I’ll help you find your strength and courage to show up big in your life without worry and overwhelm.

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