January in December

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Is it me, or do we kind of write off December when it comes to our goals?

I want to offer you a chance to question that idea – the idea that we come to a halt in December, that sales calls slow down, that there isn’t much to do because all the decision-makers are taking time off, that our personal goals can wait a month.

What if December is when you get your head start on the new year?

How would you feel if you walked into January with momentum that had already started weeks ago?

How would you feel if you started the first day of 2022 with a clear plan on what you want to accomplish, and you’re already doing the work toward the goal?

How would you feel if you hit the ground already running in January, because you started in December?

You could feel accomplished going into the first of the year.

You could feel the momentum that comes with being three weeks into a new goal, a new challenge, a new objective for yourself.

You could feel the motivation that comes when you see the results happening for you.

What’s the upside of waiting until January to start making changes? What’s the upside of writing off an entire month, nearly 10% of our year?

I say get started today.

January is coming either way.

Where do you want to be on your goals when it comes?

Join me for a 20 minute call and I’ll guide you in getting started.

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