It’s Not About Me

When I was newer to coaching, I’d be nervous before coaching a client.

I was afraid I wouldn’t give them value.

I was afraid they wouldn’t like me or I’d disappoint them.

I was afraid my appearance wasn’t impeccable or my background wasn’t professional enough.

But then I realized.

It’s not about me – not at all.

It’s about my client. What does she need from me today? Where can I take her in her journey? How can I be a guide to her?

This opened a new world to me in other areas of my life.

In my friendships, when I accept that it’s not about me, I’m more curious and supportive of my friends, because I’m not worrying about what they are thinking about me.

In my parenting, when I accept that it’s not about me, I spend less time being critical of my parenting skills, and more time focusing in on what my sons need in that moment.

In the workplace, when I accept that it’s not about me, I show up as a supportive partner to my employees, rather than proving that I’m a competent leader.

So, friends, when you start to feel nervous, or uncertain, or insecure – remember that it’s not about you.

You’ll be amazed at how freeing this new perspective can be.

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