I’m an Emotional Child Sometimes

girl wearing black jacket and gray shirt with open mouth during daytime

I was sick yesterday – like achy, headache, hard to move sick.

I work from home, so I made the mistake of working.

Where I work, I have employees (they’re amazing and I love them).

But I wasn’t feeling well and I got a little grumpy with them.

As we were meeting over Zoom, they asked questions and my brain throbbed even more.

And then, from the next room over, I hear RIIIIIIIIIIP. And I realized I’d forgotten to kennel the puppy. And she was eating my 8 year old’s Halloween costume with her usual puppy delight. I was so frustrated.

That’s when I knew – I was in Emotional Childhood.

When we’re in Emotional Childhood, we blame something else (usually others) for our feelings. We don’t take responsibility.

I was blaming my illness, my employees, and my puppy for my frustration, instead of myself.

I could have called in sick to work and rested. I could have kenneled the puppy. But I didn’t. Totally my choice.

Will I choose differently next time I’m sick? Maybe.

Will I actively look for signs of Emotional Childhood before I get grumpy with my employees next time?


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