I Wear Granny Panties

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I wear granny panties.

Ya, I said it.

Here’s why I made the switch from sexy, lacy VS undies to granny panties.

I was playing golf on a hot summer day, and my underwear kept riding up. Every time I’d get out of the cart to swing, I was pulling them out of my bum. Every time I’d take a few steps, I was rocking a wedgy again.

Do you realize how irritating the feeling of lace going up your butt on a sweat day feels? Oh, let me tell you.

So, around Hole 11, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled the cart around to a private corner of the path where the view was protected between the green and a huge oak tree. I reached inside my shorts leg, and yanked the culprit as hard as I could until they ripped off.

I realized, in that moment, why that gesture was important.

See, if I’m putting up with minor irritations in my life, like my underwear riding up, what other minor irritations am I allowing in my sacred space?

Start being aware of those things that are irritating you, and do something about them.

What we tolerate, we promote.

What am I tolerating?

Are those things I’m tolerating necessary?

If not, why do I continue to allow them?

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