How to Win Every Argument

couple talking while moving in new apartment

I’m an Aries. And a red-head.

My boyfriend is Latino.

We know how to argue – hard, loud, and stubbornly.

And here is what I’ve learned about arguing from our relationship

Winning an argument looks much differently as an adult than it did when I was in my early 20s.

Winning used to be who could get the last word, who could deal the hardest blow.

But that’s not how you win an argument.

You win the argument when you show up in the conversation with genuine compassion and respect for you, for them, and for your relationship.

You win the argument when you leave the interaction knowing you’ve done what you can to create a space where both parties can leave feeling whole.

One of my favorite podcasters – Brian Buffini – said, “If you actually win an argument, you will never have the goodwill of the person who loses it.”

And I agree wholeheartedly.

But we still like to “win.”

So, I’ve redefined what “winning” looks like in my relationships.

(I get to do that).

If you redefined what “winning the argument” means in your relationships, what’s that look like to you?

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