How to Make the Wrong Choice

Every day I hear this from at least one of my clients.

It sounds something like this.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“How do I decide?”

“I wish I knew the right thing to do.”

Here’s what I ask.

Why do you want to do it?


Do you like your reason?

See, if you like your reason, it becomes a no-brainer.

Here’s an example.

  • Decision: I don’t want to take that public speaking gig.
  • Reason: Public speaking makes me nervous.
  • Do I like that reason? For me, no, that’s not a reason I can feel good about.

Here’s another example:

  • Decision: I don’t want to take that public speaking gig.
  • Reason: It’s my son’s birthday, and my time with him takes priority.
  • Do I like that reason? Yes, it aligns with my values.

And one more:

  • Decision: I’m thinking about reducing the cost of my art by $500
  • Reason: I’m afraid no one will buy it for $1000, as listed.
  • Do I like the reason? No, it’s worth even more than $1000.

So often, we make choices without checking in with ourselves on why we’re doing it.

You’ve heard it said: “That’s the right choice for her, but not the right choice for him.”

This is how to know if it’s the wrong choice.

Ask yourself why you’re choosing that. Then ask yourself if you like that reason.

I can help you make any choice you’re struggling with.

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