How Long It Takes

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When I became a life coach, I decided that even if it takes five years to get one client, I am all in.

Did it take five years to get one client?


It didn’t even take five weeks.

But during those first weeks, it was such a challenge to show up every day and do the work without any evidence that it was working.

Until I realized this.

Everything I do works. It’s all working.

I can’t see it. Just like I can’t see a bud open up into a bloomed rose.

But it’s still happening.

Whatever your desire – be it weight loss, drinking less, improving your golf game, promoting at work – ask yourself this.

If you knew it would take five years to see your goal become a reality in your life – would you wait for it, knowing it was coming?

Would you do the work, every day, without relying on evidence to motivate you?

Is it still worth it, knowing the results will come five years from now?

Are you willing to be all in for yourself?

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