Hooking Up My Future Self

I love it when the Keurig carafe is full of water. Because that means I don’t have to start my day with a tedious task that could have been done yesterday.

The tedious task still has to get done. And I’m the one that does it.

But there’s something motivating about having the thought that I’m doing it to hook up my future self.

I like to do the tedious task thinking of my sleepy face in the morning, and how grateful I’ll feel that I filled up the Keurig the night before.

And it makes the task slightly less tedious.

It also sets my brain on the path of doing other things to hook up my future self.

Like choosing to eat food that nourishes my body.

Like choosing to stop drinking after 2-3 glasses of wine.

Like calendaring my week so I don’t have to use precious mental energy trying to remember my to-dos and figuring out how to Tetris them into my day.

And as the day goes on and I come upon those things my past self did for my future self, I give myself a little smile of appreciation.

It’s an amazing way to start every day.

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