Greener Grass

close view of green grass

Relationships are 50/50.

Meaning, half the time, you’re jiving and things are rainbows and roses.

Half the time, there are miscommunications and disappointments.

It’s true in your current relationship.

And, if you’re like most of us, and you start to think your life would be easier/better/happier without that person…

…be advised.

It will be 50/50 without that person, too.

And it will be 50/50 with your next relationship.

You’re really just changing what the other 50% looks like. But the crappy 50% is still part of the deal.

This is true in jobs.

This is true in volunteer groups and churches.

We will never get away from the contrast by leaving the situation.

We’re much better served by learning to embrace both sides of the 50/50 for what it is.

The human experience.

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