Grace and I Love You

pumpkins on stairs in front of a door

Happy Thanksgiving, my loves.

Thank you for letting my post be part of your special day.

Today, things may not go as you envisioned them. Your kids may not be happy and helpful (like the photos we post of them on FB and IG). The dog (still) won’t feed himself, and may even help himself to some food off the counter. Your partner may be more in the way than supporting your efforts. “That” family member may behave exactly the way you hoped he wouldn’t – but you kinda knew he would.

And I want you to remember – through the fun and the chaos – to give yourself grace.

Grace when you feel frustrated. Grace when you feel discouraged. Grace when you feel irritated.

I’m probably right there with you – right now during my own Thanksgiving – feeling all the feelings. Remembering to give myself grace.

I love you – you’re amazing – you’re worthy – you’re perfectly human.

Allow Thanksgiving to be however it is, and know that you are a bright, shining light in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving.

See you on the other side ;o)

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