Fitting In

woman sitting on wooden planks

When I was married, I had a group of friends.

We spent every weekend and event together.

When I became single, that changed.

At first, everyone was supportive.

But then, I stopped being included.

Back then, I assumed it was because they only wanted to hang out with married people, and I didn’t fit their qualifications. I even joked (to myself) that they thought my divorce might be “catching” and it would poison their own marriages.

Looking back now, I realize it’s much deeper than that.

They knew Married Jenn and she was different than Single Jenn – she had different worries and different activities (think: dating).

I changed.

They didn’t enjoy the new me as much as they enjoyed the old me.

And that’s totally fine.

Personally, I think they’re missing out on a kind, funny, supportive friend, but it doesn’t have to mean anything about them. Or me.

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