Eating Education before Eating Holiday

close up photo of broccoli on green tray

What better time to learn a little about what our food does to our bodies, than right before a holiday that shames us for making healthy food choices ;o)

Try to stay awake…this info may help you win the next trivia night at the pub.

Let’s talk about insulin.

Insulin is a storage hormone. Too much insulin makes it hard for the body to access stored fat. Too much insulin will also make you feel even more hungry, because too much insulin blocks a hormone called leptin (leptin tells us we are full).

So, here we are. Eating high sugar, high starch foods – which spikes our insulin, blocks our leptin, and keeps us from accessing stored fat.

We eat, and yet become hungrier and our body isn’t able to access natural fuel, so it accumulates right where we put it – in our bodies. Mine likes living on my thighs and belly.

This is why we can’t eat a truckload of broccoli.

Because broccoli doesn’t spike insulin. Which means leptin is released, telling us we are full. Seconds on broccoli? No thanks, I’m full.

See how amazing our bodies are?

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