Eating Education Before Eating Holiday – Part II

photo of a burn fat text on round blue plate

Thanks to the keto diet, most of us are familiar with fat adaptation and weight loss.

There’s scientific stuff you can Google, but the gist is this – when our body uses stored fat as fuel, rather than sugar and carbs, we maintain or lose weight and don’t feel hungry (deprived).

If you’re looking to lose weight, your body needs to be it’s own fuel source.

Enter fasting (voluntary abstinence of food, thanks Merriam-Webster).

I like to tell myself….”Oh, you’re hungry? No problem, take a little bite of my lower belly – plenty there to keep you going a few more hours.”

How do you know you’re fat adaptive?

Well, you could buy those little strips and pee on them.

Or, you can simply notice how you feel.

Can you go 12-16 hours without food?

You’re there.

Before you yell at me for attempting to force starve you, remember, you’re already not eating from 9pm-6am, so there’s 9 hours right there. If your first meal is at lunch everyday, you’re golden on the fasting.

I’m using my own coaching tools to get Five Pounds Hotter for the Holidays, with a goal to lose 5 pounds between now and New Years Day.

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