Eat What You Want To Eat by Deciding Ahead of Time – Eating Education Before the Eating Holiday – Season Finale

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Ok. Here we are. The day before the Eating Holiday. Thanksgiving, as well call it in the U.S.

I’m offering one last resource for you before you head into turkey and stuffing mode.

Let’s do this.

Pro tip: If weight maintenance or loss isn’t your thing, you can apply this to over-drinking alcohol, too (most of my followers fall into one of these three struggles…yay for motherhood!).

We’re talking about deciding what you want to eat (or drink) – but doing it ahead of time.

I like to think of my brain as having two parts: the adult brain and the toddler brain.

My adult brain knows what’s best for me – my mind, my body, my spirit. It knows how to delay gratification.

My toddler brain, she’s…well…a toddler. She wants instant gratification and her only goal is to feel good right now. All the time.

By deciding exactly what and when we will eat ahead of time, we put our adult brain in charge.

And by practicing putting our adult brain in charge, we lovingly tell our toddler brain, “I hear you. You’ll get what you want. Just not this very minute.”

This practice of putting adult brain in charge strengthens your adult brain’s voice, and it becomes easier to quiet your toddler brain.

I plan what I’m going to eat and drink 24 hours in advance every day.

I don’t meal prep.

I brain prep.

This does three things:

  • Allows me to practice giving control to my adult brain, and taking back control from my inner toddler
  • Saves me mental energy – I walk into the day knowing I have that food thing figured out
  • Keeps me on protocol, which is no flour, no sugar, intermittent fast until lunch

Here’s what I’m eating and drinking tomorrow. It’s different than my usual, but not by much.

  • Fasting until 1pm
  • 1pm bacon
  • 2pm one peach Bellini
  • 3pm turkey, veggies, ham, tri tip, Chardonnay (1)
  • 6pm turkey (our friend is smoking one, can’t wait!) and chardonnay (2)

Will I want more Bellinis and wine? Yep, probably. But will I feel deprived? Nope.

I’m using my coaching techniques to get Five Pounds Hotter for the Holidays.

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