Doing Something New

man rowing boat

I used to be a competitive rower.

Then I got pregnant.

That didn’t stop me – it was the punch to the belly from a rogue oar that ended my rowing phase.

And I kept saying I’d start again, when I had time.

Years went by, I added baby #2, and told myself I still didn’t have time.

When the boys were old enough to be alone, I told myself I didn’t have the money.

And I kept telling myself that.

For 12 years.

Until last week.

Last week, “Learn to Scull” came up on Instagram at our local lake.

For the non-rowers out there, I was a sweep rower – totally different than sculling.

The advantage of sculling is that I could row on my own, which meant I could make my own rowing schedule.


I could reincorporate rowing back into my life.

Sure, I’d have to learn a new way to row – a way that I’d never been able to master in my half-hearted attempts to learn in the past.

But the allure of the clunk of the oar locks, the swoosh of pushing water past the boat, and the quiet rustles of nature around me was enough to motivate me.

And as I clicked the “pay now” button as I was signing up, and blocked my calendar for the next four evenings to attend the class, I realized something.

I always had the time.

And I always had the money.

I was just intimidated to try something completely brand new.

Join me in my posts this week as I share my journey of learning to scull at 46 years old.

Ready to row. And row.

P.S. – You do so much for everyone else. You deserve to have time for yourself. I can help you find the time.

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