Doing Something New – Final Day

Learn to Scull – Day Four – “Check Off” Day

It’s the final day of training and the coaches are deciding whether I passed the class.

If I pass the class, I get “checked off” which means I have permission to check out the club’s boats and row at my leisure.

The coach assigns a slimmer boat to me this time. Slimmer boats = more speed, less stable, so more balance is required.

My brain immediately starts going to work on creating drama.

“You suck at balancing the boat.”

“You’re going to flip.”

“There’s no way you’re getting checked off today – not if you have to row this boat.”

“The other boat was better.”

I get in the boat with the usual clumsy oars-everywhere-butt-slams-down-on-seat manner.

Take a deep breath.

And just take a moment to notice my my thoughts.

And to allow the thoughts.

And to answer my brain.

“Thanks, brain, for keeping me safe from embarrassment. It’s going to be fine. The worst thing that can happen is I fall in the water, don’t get checked off, and have to repeat the class – which wouldn’t be all that bad. Nothing’s going to hurt us. We can do hard things, even embarrassment.

“Let’s go.”

And I rowed 2k out and 2k back.

Did I wobble a bunch more? Yes.

Were there a couple times when I was sure I was going under? Yes.

Did I learn how to recover my balance with each wobble? Yes.

The feeling of growth and fulfillment I have from trying something new – something that I may have failed at – was worth every negative emotion over the past four days.


And I totally got checked off ;o)

PS – I help moms who are working remotely overcome overwhelm and create more time for themselves in the day – and, I’d love to help you.

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